The late registration process is concluded, and applicants are expected to receive soon an email with the selection results.

Please read the terms and conditions below. Note that, upon registration, you will be asked for personal details (such as name, surname, date of birth, university affiliation, passport number etc.), and if you allow IAPS to store your provided personal information in the IAPS member database. You will also be asked to place in order of preference the excursions that are on offer during the Conference; the Organizing Committee will assign students to one excursion only, attempting to satisfy all requests as best as it can.

We encourage students to present personal scientific work, either in the form of a poster or a talk. For those that wish to do so, it is required to upload an abstract during the registration process. If this is not available at the time of registration, it is possible to upload it at a later time by using the edit link in your confirmation email or send it via email to Please find more information here.

For any question about the registration process, please write to

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[The registration form is inserted here when the registration open]

Deadline for registration and payment

A first round of registration for the event is open on this page between February 5th (12:00, CET) and February 26th (12:00, CET). During this early registration period, a fee of €190 will apply. Participants are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract for a short seminar or a poster.

Registration will open again between March 12th (12:00, CET) and April 20th (12:00, CET), when a fee of €220 will apply.

Note that these costs (which are reduced in the early phase to facilitate participation of long-time ICPS supporters) include the value of accommodation, standard food and drink, organized travel during the Conference, gadgets and the use of academic facilities and materials. Heavy subsidization is provided by our sponsors, both institutional and private-sector ones.

After the closing of each registration round, a selection process will take place. Early-registrations will be capped at 20 students per nation, with the exception of Italian students (only 10 to be admitted during this first phase). If these limits are reached in the selection process, the other applicants will be put in a waiting list. People from the waiting list can be accepted to the conference in case other applicants fail to meet the conditions or the application (e.g. payment not received, wrong affiliation stated), or in the case places in the conference are still available after the closing of late registration. All the applicants in waiting list will be eligible to pay the early registration fee and will be provided with the payment information as soon as they are accepted. A maximum of 30 students per nation will be accepted over the two expected phases of registration; such limitations will be removed in June in case more applications are possible.

At the end of each selection, the participants will be notified via email about their status. The selected participants will receive instructions by email on how to proceed to make the required fee payment. The payment should be received by the Organising Committee in a maximum of 7 days, starting from the day the acceptance email is sent. A proof of payment should be send by email (or other form) to the OC at as soon as possible, in order to handle possible delays in the payment. Payments will be accepted by:

  • bank transfer (details will be provided upon registration). Please note that any extra-fee or exchange rate applied by the bank must be paid by the applicant and not be charged to the recipient.
  • credit card (service operated by stripe). Please note that the service fee will be charged to the applicant.

In order to participate in the ICPS, the applicants must be IAPS members. At the end of the early-registration round, an affiliation check will be carried out and the applicants that do not comply with this requirement will be rejected. Reimbursement of the fee will be provided according to the specifications below.

During both the registration phases (Early registration from the 5th to the 26th of February, late registration from the 12th of March to the 20th of April), the Organizers will give preference to students who have submitted an application to present scientific work, either in the form of a poster or a talk. Abstracts will be reviewed by the first week of May and participants will receive confirmation of whether they will be able to present their work in the following days. Note that it is not required for ICPS participants to submit an abstract.

National Committees are responsible for confirming the membership of ICPS applicants to the Organizers, following communication from the latter of the appropriate data provided upon registration.

Terms and conditions

Please read carefully and take note of the following.

Personal details will be processed according to the Italian Privacy Code, as per the Privacy Policy (ENG) (ITA).

All personal data will be handled confidentially. It will not be forwarded to any third parties except where necessary for the purpose of the conference. Please keep in mind that we will forward some of the information in your registration form to the universities and research centers involved. We will also send your name and affiliation to the board of the national/local committees of IAPS to check your IAPS membership.

Only students enrolled in a university or similar institution on a physics or physics-related course, as well as up to twelve months after receiving a degree from a university, are able to participate in this event. Only students with an age of at least 18 years are allowed to attend the conference.

You acknowledge and agree that the organizing committee and the hosts of the event have no responsibility whatsoever for injuries, losses, or damages of any kind that result from your participation in the International Conference of Physics Students - 2017.

You accept the IAPS terms & conditions and Code of Conduct.

By participating in the event you agree to be filmed, photographed, and otherwise recorded during the conference and hereby expressly grant the organizing committee, AISF and IAPS the right to use your picture, movie or any other form of media publication during any part of the event.

You confirm that the information contained in this application is true and correct.

You accept that the organizing committee cannot be made responsible for the content of any talk, poster, workshop, excursion or similar activity, other than for those that are directly handled by it.

You accept to sign a disclaimer, at your arrival, that relieves the Organizing Committee, IAPS and AISF from all responsibilities of any damage that you may cause in the Residences and in the Conference venues. You accept to give a deposit against any damage you may cause in the Residences. You will be refunded the total amount of the deposit at the end of the Conference, provided no damage has occurred, as specified in the disclaimer.

You accept that, in case of cancellation by a participant, the Organizing Committee will provide a reimbursement only up to June 1st. Before this date, any reimbursement will be made with the exception of a €20 fee, which will be kept for administrational purposes. No reimbursement will be given for membership fees under any circumstances.

The present terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Italy.